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Bonus Baseball Video Clip and Poem: Memorial Day Edition

Happy Memorial Day, everyone.  In honor of our armed forces serving all over the world, and the sacrifices they make, today I am reprinting a poem written by Bill Gallo entitled, ” Ode to Baseball and AmericaWho’s Up?”  It originally appeared in the New York Daily News on May 12, 2010.  Gallo is actually a cartoonist.

After the poem, I’ve included a bonus video clip from a baseball film.  It is understated, and one of my favorites.  It expresses the hope we all share to someday reach our potential, despite the fact that many of us get sidetracked along the way.

Ode to Baseball and America:  Who’s Up?

The geezer sits there thinking of war

“No more,” he says, “No more.”

C’mon, we’ve had them all our lives

No more, no more.

Yes, we’re thankful for the

guy who survives.

And, thank God, too

That the guy is you

Who can watch a ballgame — and yells

Like a fan:  “Get ’em Home!”

It’s for the ones

on base…and

the ones in


Tomorrow, I resume my series, “Best Forgotten Baseball Seasons:  A Team by Team Analysis.

Now, on to the video clip.

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