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More Baseball Stats You Couldn’t Live Without

Inspired by a conversation with a friend of mine, I researched some baseball statistics that I’m quite sure others before me have long since discovered first.  Still, if they interested me, they just might interest you as well, oh faithful reader.

Reggie Sanders

Reggie Sanders (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here, then, are some baseball facts that may come up one day in a future edition of Trivial Pursuit.  So pay attention.

1)  Most career home runs by a batter who never drove in a hundred runs in a season:  Reggie Sanders – 305.  Sanders is the only player in the 300-home run club to never have a 100 RBI year.  His career high was 99 RBI in 1995.

2)  Most career stolen bases by a player who never scored a hundred runs in a season:  Bert Campaneris – 649.  His career high in runs scored was 97 in 1970.  Won six stolen base crowns.  Also led his league in caught stealing three times.

3)  Most wins by a pitcher who never won 20-games in a season:  Dennis Martinez – 245.  Martinez posted a career high 16 wins in four different seasons.  He led the N.L. in wins with 14 in the strike year of 1981.

4)  Most career hits by a player (20th century) who never reached 200 hits in a season:  Carl Yastrzemski – 3,419.  Other members of the (28 strong) 3,000 hits club who never accumulated 200 hits in a season include Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield and Rickey Henderson.

5)  Most career doubles without scoring 100 runs in a season:  Al Oliver – 529.  Career high 96 runs in 1974 and ’80.

6)  Most career strikeouts by a pitcher without a 200-strikeout season:  Tom Glavine – 2,607.  Career high, 192 in 1991.  You may be surprised to learn that Glavine had more career strikeouts than Warren Spahn, Bob Feller, Jerry Koosman, Christy Mathewson and Don Drysdale.

7)  Most career home runs without ever leading the league in home runs:  Rafael Palmeiro – 569.

8)  Highest career batting average for a player who never won a batting title:  Shoeless Joe Jackson – .356.

Which of these items was most surprising to you?  I would have thought that Yaz would have had at least one 200-hit season to his credit.  I’m sure lots of people would have assumed that Joe Jackson must have won at least one batting title.

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