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I do believe you’ll enjoy this post as much as I did.

Ohm Sweet Ohm

“In her excellent book on writing, Bird by Bird, author Anne Lamott reveals that she often suggests that those struggling to commit words to paper (or screen) write about their school lunches; something about the act of recollecting and writing those details helps jimmy the floodgates open. For Lamott, the act of opening a lunchbox is, ‘about opening our insides in front of everyone. Just like writing is.’”Daily Post

I was finishing my fourth year of apprenticeship in 1972 and happened to be working on a re-model of the high school that I had graduated from just six years before. The job was winding down and there were four electricians left: Freege (the Foreman), Big Ben, Jack and me.

Lunchtime on a construction job is generally like having a picnic in a war-zone. You want to find a semi-clean, flat area with a view, preferably in…

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