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Brian Kingman interview part 1…the minor leagues

William Miller:

Gary conducts one of the great baseball interviews of all time with former pitcher, and 20-game loser, Brian Kingman. This is the first in a (so far) four part series.

Originally posted on Coco Crisp's Afro:

Brian, just a young buck in the “bushes”.

This is the first part of what will eventually be a 4 or 5 part series interview with former Athletics pitcher Brian Kingman. I know this is the part where I usually talk incessantly about nothing, but I’ll let the man speak for himself. I will, however, add that Brian was gracious enough to give me some in -depth answers that read like a book. This is good stuff readers! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

 1) Well, I suppose we should start at the very beginning. I have a sort of strange obsession with the life of a minor leaguer. The trials, tribulations and bus rides in the “bushes” always stoked my imagination. Do you have any stories or thoughts about any of your stops in the minors?

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2 thoughts on “Brian Kingman interview part 1…the minor leagues

  1. Jason A. Miller on said:

    Terrific stuff! I’m also reading John Feinstein’s current book about life in the minor leagues circa 2012 — it seems that very little has changed about minor league life since the 1970s, even while life in the Major Leagues has been radically reinvented by Bud Selig…

    • Hi Jason, Glad you enjoyed it. Posted Part 2 today, and should get Part 3 up by tomorrow. Gary did a great job getting so much out of Kingman. It’s rare for an ex-player to open up so much like that.
      Good to hear from you,

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