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National League Picks: 2014

Following up on yesterday’s post featuring my A.L. picks, here are my soon-to-be-proven absolutely foolish N.L. picks.  Go easy on me, lads.  Playoff teams are in bold.

National League

National League (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

N.L. East:

1)  Washington

2)  Atlanta

3)  New York

4)  Florida

5)  Philadelphia

N.L. Central:

1)  St. Louis

2)  Pittsburgh

3)  Cincinnati

4)  Milwaukee

5)  Chicago

N.L. West:

1)  Los Angeles

2)  San Francisco

3)  Colorado

4)  Arizona

5)  San Diego

St. Louis Cardinals go to the World Series and take on the Detroit Tigers.  The Cardinals win in a classic seven-game match.


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8 thoughts on “National League Picks: 2014

  1. Glad you like my Dodgers, but if they can’t find a bullpen, then maybe Tony Bennett should be warming up.

    • Well, they’ve poured a lot of money into that franchise since new owners took charge. If they stay healthy, they should be able to hold off the Giants, but as they say, the games are played on the field.
      Take care,

  2. Detroit-St. Louis sounds boooooooooooooooooring.

  3. Bill, three cheers for the Mets in third place!!! Would that be a .500 season? I like what they did in the off season. No panic and more of plug holes while the pitching injuries heal. And their outfield defense at a pitcher friendly park. That’s gonna be fun to see.

    It’s hard to not pick St. Louis. Their farm system never stops, but (and excuse the bias) the Brewers starting staff could end up being better. Garza, Lohse, and Gallardo are proven solid and then if if if Estrada and Peralta build on last season, and a bullpen forms oh baby…it could be something.

    I wonder what’s up with Kershaw’s back?

    First pitch tonight Padres-Dodgers. It was a great winter on wordpress baseball. We survived! Here’s to a great season!

    • Steve, I dig your enthusiasm. Man, it was a long winter, but now we’ve got baseball in our sites. As for the Mets, well, they finished 3rd last year as well, but that says more about how much the Phils and Marlins suck than it does about how good the Mets are, or will be. I predict the Mets will win 79 games this season. They did a good job with the outfield, but let SS and 1B slide for no apparent reason. Their young pitching should be locked and loaded for next year, though. Brew-Crew could make things interesting, if they can limit some of those homers on that pitching staff, and if Braun can put up MVP-type numbers once again.
      Enjoy the game tonight!

  4. Poor Cubs. I guess Theo isn’t quite the genius we thought he was, after all. I sincerely hope you’re wrong about the World Series. With all due respect, I’m getting tired of the Cardinals. 😀 On the AL side, I suppose, if it can’t be the Red Sox, the Tigers will do.

    • Hey Jeff, The Cubs do have some great young prospects coming up, so this may be one last terrible year before they start showing some real improvement in a year or two. Not a Cards fan myself, though I do greatly respect their organization.
      Just a few more hours until Opening Night!

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