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American League Picks: 2014

I know I’m bound to get many, perhaps most of these wrong, but making predictions is part of the pre-season ritual around here.  We’ll check back after the World Series to see how well my predictions turned out.  This post is for the American League only.  Tomorrow, I’ll check in with a brief post on the National League.  My playoff team picks are in bold print.

The logo for the American League.

The logo for the American League. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A.L. East:

1)  Tampa Bay

2)  Baltimore

3)  Boston

4)  New York

5)  Toronto

A.L. Central:

1)  Detroit

2)  Kansas City

3)  Cleveland

4)  Chicago

5)  Minnesota

A.L. West:  

1)  Anaheim

2)  Oakland

3)  Texas

4)  Seattle

5)  Houston

The Detroit Tigers make it all the way to the World Series vs. the St. Louis Cardinals.

Tomorrow I’ll tell you which team I pick to win the World Series.


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17 thoughts on “American League Picks: 2014

  1. Angels!? With that pitching staff!? C’mon Bill!

    • I know, Gary. I know. Just think Pujols will come back strong, and Trout is so much better than any other player in that division. If their pitching is just league-average, I think they’ll do it. Your A’s, of course, always find a way to win, though. 92 wins may take the division.

  2. I hope you’re right about the Tigers. They are really due for a World Series, too. It’s just been too long, and Illitch won’t be around forever.

  3. Hey Bill, nice surprise to see Yankees down in third place especially after their money splurge on Tanaka, McCann and Ellsbury; a pitcher, catcher, centerfielder…a good way to spend money I think even if Elsbury is injury prone and over 30. Maybe Pineda regaining some of his rookie year excellence makes a big difference on Yanks fate.

    Also surprised to see the Francona Indians in third. Danny Salazar the pitcher had me drooling at times last season,

    I’m waiting for Gary to comment on Oakland not being bolded and eager to see your NL picks.

    • Salazar looks like a good young arm. I just like the way the Royals look (at least on paper) a little bit better. Betting against Oakland is probably dumb, but it looks to me like they are a little short in starting pitching, though Sonny Gray looks like the real deal.
      Thanks man,

      • I’m with you on the Royals Bill. They’ve always been my favorite AL team since the Brewers switched leagues and you’re right, they do look good on paper. I guess with Cleveland it’s a lot of ifs when it comes to pitching, but I dig their offense. And yeh, Oakland is a gambler’s nightmare or the opposite if you take the odds.

      • Thanks, Steve. Wish I could predict something better for your Brewers, but those Cardinals / Pirates and maybe the Reds all look pretty good.
        Cheers, Bill

  4. Of course (???), the National League is more interesting. But baseball is always hard to predict. I only hope Toronto can beat out the Yanks and Boston.

    • If a couple of things go right for Toronto, they may surprise some people (including myself.) They need young Hutchison and not-so-young Morrow to step up in the rotation, and hope for a few stumbles by the others. I’m just not crazy about the Red Sox starting pitching, and even with all the money the Yanks spent, they still don’t have an actual infield.
      Thanks for reading,

  5. I’d like to see what Mike Trout might do in the playoffs, and not just for the wild card game. It seems the West will level off this year.

  6. Didn’t you pick Boston last in 2013? 😉 I am, however, in agreement with the Rangers being third or lower. I don’t think they had a successful off-season at all, and Jon-boy has sole reign at the helm. I think the baseball world may finally see what a mess he is.

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