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if heaven and hell is everywhere, baseball diamonds too

Still more great writing by Steven.

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I’m never good with remembering specific dates except the birthdays of family, friends and a few baseball players, maybe none more shazbah-ding! than Henry Aaron’s being February 5th and Babe Ruth’s a day later. But there is one date; November 22, 1963 that fascinates me in a baseball and death sort of way.

Aldous Huxley and John F. Kennedy both passed away that day; the President in full extroverted glory and Huxley flat on his bed, unable to speak, inching closer and closer, but still scribbling a note to his wife Laura; “LSD 100 mm intramuscular” and so she obliged his request and that’s how the writer and essayist drifted into golden sleep. (from This Timeless Moment by Laura Huxley)

C.S. Lewis also died that day and so did many nameless others, but there is no reverse astrology in terms of the day someone dies and how it impacts their life and for…

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2 thoughts on “if heaven and hell is everywhere, baseball diamonds too

  1. Allan G. Smorra on said:

    Thanks for sharing this one with us, Bill.

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