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and it’s still a game

Fantastic post by Steven Myers.

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andreltonAndrelton Simmons ranges to his right, bows on one knee, backhands a sharp grounder, and from a squatting position throws an off-balance 98 mph strike to Freddie Freeman at first base. Simmons is 24-years young and plays shortstop for the Atlanta Braves.

It’s easy to imagine him flashing that same grace one hundred years ago as he does today. Memories and  imagination are very kind. They provide instant access.

A common complaint about today’s game is that it takes too long to complete one. In the 1940’s, games finished in just under two hours. By the 60’s that number ballooned to 2:38 and today it’s closer to three hours. There are some good suggestions of how to shorten games, but the only one I can digest is minimizing advertisements between innings.

I enjoy manager’s changing pitchers and batters working a count, fouling off pitches and demonstrating discipline. I cherish the…

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