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Murphy And The Mets Hope To Move Past The Santa Jinx

Another excellent post by Mike Cornelius, a very fine writer.

On Sports and Life

Say this much for Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy, he is willing to tempt fate. For the second time in three years Murphy donned the familiar red suit and white beard to play the part of Santa Claus at the team’s annual Christmas party at Citi Field. With an assist from pitcher Zack Wheeler in the role of an elf, Murphy spent part of Tuesday handing out presents to a long line of children from the neighborhoods around the Mets home in Queens.

In recent years participation in the Mets yuletide tradition has been followed by misfortune of some kind with sufficient regularity to make lesser men think twice before volunteering for Santa duty. It began in 2004 when popular right fielder Mike Cameron played Santa. The following August Cameron’s season, and ultimately his time with the Mets, ended in a gruesome collision in the outfield with Carlos Beltran. That…

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2 thoughts on “Murphy And The Mets Hope To Move Past The Santa Jinx

  1. Thanks for reblogging Bill. That was a great and unexpected Christmas present! Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.


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