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A Dozen Things to Know About Curtis Granderson

Here are twelve things you may not know about the Mets latest addition, outfielder Curtis Granderson:

1)  He was born and raised in the greater Chicago area, and attended the University of Illinois-Chicago, earning a double major in Business Administration and Business Marketing.  Both of his parents were teachers.

2)  He was the Tigers 3rd-round pick of the 2002 amateur draft.

3)  Granderson shares a birthday (March 16) with baseball Hall of Famer Lloyd Waner.

4)  Born in 1981, Granderson was five-years old when the Mets last won a World’s Championship.

5)  He began swinging a bat from the left-hand side at the age of two-years old.

6)  His favorite player as a kid growing up was Ken Griffey, Jr.

7)  Granderson has made a total of just 18 errors in his entire career as an outfielder.  His .994 career fielding percentage is 8th best all-time among center-fielders.

8)  Playing for the Tigers in 2007, he became the 4th player in MLB history to enjoy a 20-20-20-20 season, finishing the year with 38 doubles, 23 triples (which led the league), 23 homers and 26 stolen bases (in 27 attempts.)

9)  In 2008, in a career high 710 plate appearances, he hit into just one double-play all season.

10) In 2011, Granderson became the fifth Yankee to lead the A.L. in both Runs Scored and RBI in the same year.

11) Pretty durable until last year’s freak injuries, he’d averaged 153 games played per year over the previous seven seasons.

12)  In honor of the old Negro Leagues, Granderson is one of the few players who wear his socks high.

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8 thoughts on “A Dozen Things to Know About Curtis Granderson

  1. I go back to your earlier post about Alderson–this is, in and of itself, an OK signing, as Granderson still has the kind of power the Mets desperately need and still has a few other tools in the box. That said, it’s kind of a “win-now” signing, and, if you try to read the tea leaves Sandy has strewn about, the Mets don’t seem like they’re gonna be all-in in the free agent market, so it’s still awfully damn difficult to try to determine just what direction the Mets are going in. Personally, if I was the Mets GM, I’d go for a full-on rebuild–but after a few years of Sandy, Ricciardi, and DePodesta hemming and hawing, I don’t think the fanbase would stand for it.

    • I have to completely agree with your assessment. The Mets should have traded Jose Reyes mid-season back in the year he won the batting title. Then, other than perhaps David Wright, they should have cleaned house and started from scratch. While I do generally like the Granderson signing, I think the winter meetings that have just kicked off that will tell us where this team is headed. I expect them to make at least one trade, but I wouldn’t hazard a guess for whom they might deal.
      Thanks again for stopping by,

  2. Bill, I genuinely hope Granderson does great for the Mets; though I do hope fans understand that he alone is not the savior of the team (as you pointed out in reply to an earlier comment). Enjoyed watching him patrol center field and drive balls into the right field seats at the Stadium these past four years; though obviously not so much last year given the freak injuries. He should bounce back from those, and at age 32 a four-year contract is a good move by the Mets. Having said all that, I sure won’t miss watching him strike out. He sure can swing and hit; but man, can he swing and miss with the best of them!!


    • Hi Mike, We may know pretty early in the season, by the end of May I should think, if this will turn out to be a disastrous signing or not. His bat speed (can he still catch up to a good fastball), and his ability to track down balls in the outfield, will tell us a lot. One thing’s for sure, his contract isn’t nearly as scary as some of the others I’ve seen given out this off-season.
      Thanks for stopping by,

  3. 12) In honor of the old Negro Leagues, Granderson is one of the few players who wear his socks high.

    I’m not sure why, but this reminds me of the time Corey Haim (it might have been Feldman, but I’m pretty sure it was Haim) wore black every day for a year to protest racism. I think Granderson’s probably legit, but the memory remains.

  4. Based on the upbeat list, I’m taking your thumbs up on the signing. Congratulations to you Bill and all Met’s fans.! I wish he was 27, but what the heck! The Mets signed a legitimate player. This is turning into one of my favorite off seasons in recent memory.

    • Hey Steve, I wish I was 27, too! Anyway, it is what it is. Yes, I’m happy they signed him, but I don’t expect him to ride in and save the day. He’s one good piece in a puzzle that still lacks obvious completion. Hopefully, they’ll make a trade now to fill in yet another piece. It certainly has been a very eventful off-season. All this action is good for baseball.
      Take care,

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