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Down By The Boardwalk, Dreaming Of The Show

This is some serious writing, my friends. Enjoy.

On Sports and Life

Four different subway lines make the transit from Midtown Manhattan to the southernmost reaches of neighboring Brooklyn. But if one is going all the way to the end of the line it matters little what letter is on the side of the train one boards. All four make local stops in Brooklyn, so in every case it’s a long trip.

On this early evening the Q Train emerges from below ground just in time to make the slow climb up onto the Manhattan Bridge for the trip over the East River. Yellow cabs share the crossing to the left, while out the window to the right the older and more famous Brooklyn Bridge sits in the middle distance. Descending off the river crossing the train returns to subterranean depths for its first two stops, the second of which is beneath the Barclays Center. The great rust-colored arena, current home of…

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3 thoughts on “Down By The Boardwalk, Dreaming Of The Show

  1. This is some pretty damn fine writing, indeed. Actually, my memories of a trip to a New York-Penn league park– the old Falcon Park in Auburn–was the genesis of this:

  2. Bill,

    Thanks for the good words and for reblogging the post. I greatly appreciate the added exposure!


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