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One of the best articles I’ve read on this particular subject. Don’t skip this one.

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Of the twenty-four former ball players making their first appearance on the Hall of Fame ballot this past winter, only six received more than five percent of the vote, the threshold for continued eligibility. As all fans know, the members of the Baseball Writers Association of America who comprise the Hall’s electorate favored no candidate, old or new, with the requisite seventy-five percent of the vote for election to the Hall. Since a candidate remains on the ballot for fifteen years as long as he exceeds that five percent each year, Cooperstown has now entered a lengthy period in which the role of performance enhancers in the game and the proper evaluation of those who played during the Steroids Era will be an annual debate.

Of all the many strongly held opinions on the issue, to my mind none is more poisonous than the view expressed by some writers that…

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  1. Allan G. Smorra on said:

    This is a great article. Thanks for sharing it with us through the reblog.

  2. That was a good piece. And Piazza probably does deserve to be in the HOF, but he’s a beyotch. Blaming Vin Scully, who rarely says a bad word about anyone, for turning the fans against him was sad and whiny, but apparently, Tom Glavine also inflicted phantom pain on him:

    • As a player, I was not a huge Piazza fan, though I did respect him immensely. As a person, he seems to have decided that his personal hurts should overshadow his vast accomplishments, which is unfortunate. As Michael said (in the blog-post), it’s too bad he didn’t enjoy himself more as a player. Take care,

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