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Batting Practice With Roy Hobbs

I was driving by a baseball field a little while ago, and I happened to spot a pitcher, a batter, and a single outfielder.  Batting practice.  The kid hitting was driving the ball deep into the outfield.  It was a pleasure to watch, even if just for a little while.  It reminded me of the following scene from the movie, “The Natural.”

“Try this one, grandpa.”  Indeed.

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4 thoughts on “Batting Practice With Roy Hobbs

  1. “The Natural” is an awesome movie.

    Forgive me if I’ve told this story before. For my thirteenth birthday, I got to go to the movies with four friends. The local triplex was playing the Natural (a classic), Revenge of the Nerds (a classic), and Dreamscape (a Dennis Quaid vehicle of the time).

    None of us had seen any of them. Our first choice was ROTN, but because it was R-Rated, one of my friends couldn’t go. So, the Natural, then. For whatever reason, he wasn’t allowed to see that one either (his mom was REALLY weird). So we saw Dreamscape, and it was AWESOME!

    No, it wasn’t. But it was my birthday, and I want to make this a happy memory.

    • Actually, I remember watching Dreamscape in a movie theater as well. I liked it, from what I remember, but obviously The Natural was the better choice. I went and saw The Natural with my dad, who doesn’t like baseball. But he still raves about that movie even all these years later.
      Take care, man.

  2. I have seen this movie many times over the years, but just now noticed: Manager Pop Fischer had complained to Red about his inability to get a cool drink of water. In this clip I noticed how brown and unappetizing that water actually was.

    • You know, Ron. I never noticed that before, either. Now I’ll have to go back and watch the entire movie again (for the billionth time) to catch that. By the way, you know the scene where coach “Red,” played by Richard Farnsworth, is having a meal in a restaurant with Hobbs, and Red says to Hobbs near the end of their conversation, “You can’t spell it, but it eats pretty good, don’t it? I read a while back that that last line delivered by Farnsworth was entirely improvised, and caught Redford a little off-guard, which you can tell when you look at Redford’s face after he hears it. For one thing, he doesn’t respond.
      I’ll never get tired of this film.

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