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One of the best Billy Martin stories ever, shared by none other than The Mick. Found it on Garlic Fries and Baseball Blog. Enjoy!

Garlicfriesandbaseball's Blog

If you watch the video on full screen there’s not a thing to prevent you from imagining you’re sitting right there as he tells his story.  Mickey Mantle was my teen-age heart throb and it never really went away.  Maybe it was that soft spoken southern drawl or maybe it was just his dang good looks.  But no matter, I wasn’t the only one.  Thousands became immediate fans of the shy, freckle-faced  baseball player from Oklahoma.   Here he tells an entertaining story about his friend, Billy Martin, that has very little to do with baseball! 

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  1. Well I am old enough to have grown up worshiping the Mick. He made me a Yankees fan while I was living in the DC area. Loved the Senators and went to plenty of their games, but good Lord, a child needed an actual team to root for as well! Anyone who hasn’t read Jane Leavy’s biography of #7 should do so; unsparing and honest but in the end sympathetic. Thanks for reblogging the video Bill!

  2. How you could look up to a man who boasts about shooting a 20 year old mule through the neck is beyond me.

    I’m kidding, of course–I loved this. I had no idea the Mick was such an entertaining storyteller (although I hoped the story would somehow end with Billy Martin getting shot). Growing up, I’d heard of Mickey Mantle, but he was just a little before my time, and the big name coming out of New York was Reggie Jackson, ruiner of the 1977 World Series.

    • Yeah, Mantle was a bit before my time as well. But he sure does tell a great story. Ultimately, though, a sad, great, tragic figure.
      You know, you can still buy the wrapper from an original Reggie Bar on eBay. I was rooting for the Dodgers against them as well. Always rooted for the N.L. Mostly still do.
      Cheers, man.

  3. Great story, thanks for sharing the video

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