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The Reality Blog Award

I’m not usually one to call attention to myself, but I am honored and humbled to have been nominated by Vince for the Reality Blog Award.  Vince writes a blog called “The Evolving Dad,” about his adventures as a brand-new father.  Vince used to write about baseball, but obviously now has more important things on his mind, namely, a brand new child.  (Congratulations again on that, Vince!)


By way of accepting this award, there are a few other steps that I am required to complete.  One step is to answer each of the five following questions, so here goes:

1)  If you could change one thing, what would you change?

Well, other than the Mets outfield, I would like to make it possible to once again have civil discourse in this country where people aren’t so quick to demonize those who may disagree with them on every issue that emerges…or the ending of the movie version of “The Mist.”  I really hated that ending.

2)  If you could repeat an age, what age would it be?

Honestly, I am perfectly happy with where I am now in my life.  I have no desire to go back and do it again.

3)  What one thing really scares you?

Any and all varieties of harm that could befall my family.

4)  What is one dream you have not completed, and do you think you’ll be able to complete it?  

I would like to bike the entire (approximately) 36 round-trip miles of the Swamp Rabbit Trail here in Greenville, SC.  in one day.  Yes, I think I can eventually do it.

5)  If you could be someone else for one day, who would it be?  

I would like to experience  the world through the eyes of my youngest, six-year old son.  What am I like as a father, as seen through his eyes, and how much of the world’s simple pleasures have I forgotten to enjoy?

Now, I have also been asked to nominate others for this same award.  Therefore, I would like to nominate each of the following blogs:

1)  Verdun2

2)  Promethean Times

3)  The Real McTeag

4)  You Jivin’ Me, Turkey?

5)  Ohm Sweet Ohm

6)  Baseball Revisited

7)  On Sports and Life

8)  Misc. Baseball

9)  The Flagrant Fan

10)  The Ball Caps Blog

11)  Mystery Ball ’58

12)  W.k. Kortas

Each of the above blogs keeps me entertained, informed and inspired.  You should visit each of them, too.

Finally, I would like to once again thank The Evolving Dad for nominating me for this award.

Thank you, Vince!


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9 thoughts on “The Reality Blog Award

  1. Thanks a lot, Bill! I very much appreciate it.
    I love your answers. 1 is a great one, and so sadly absent from modern dialogue. I would add to “civil discourse” critical thinking skills. Not only do people scream what they have to say, but they speak in talking points, and don’t often seem to think about the larger issues.

    2) I’m with you–I’m pretty happy with where I’ve found myself. I think about this philosophical question with some regularity, and I wouldn’t want to change ANYTHING, because those choices I made led me to where I am. Without those choices, triumphs and failures, I might not be married to my wife, might not have my three awesome boys.

    3) That’s my fear as well.

    4) This prompted me to learn a little bit about the Swamp Rabbit Trail. I am a little disappointed that the trail doesn’t run through an actual swamp. Can you still see the railroad tracks? That sounds like a pretty cool goal.

    5) You’re a better man than me with this answer. I wouldn’t mind switching places with someone for a day (but not permanently, see #2), but I’d probably pick someone who gets a lot of casual sex, like a rock star or professional athlete. And assuming I got to pick the time, I’d pick a time when the star wasn’t performing, so I could maximize the man-slut action.

  2. Hey Mr. Bill, I Totally Appreciate This, Fo SHO. I’ve Gotta Tell You This, Dude, Because Only You Would Really Appreciate This. I Saw The ’86. In ’86. I Was 6yo. It Was My 2ND World Series, 1985 Being The First (hence my loving ties to both The Cards And The Royals hehe). But, When I Went Through My Rebellious Stage At Age 12… …I Dumped The Cards Until I Was In High School. I, To The Hatred Of All Who Knew About It, Was A METS Fan. And I Still Have One Hat, And One Jacket Put Away Somewhere. Howard Johnson (3B, not a hotel) Became My Idol. And Soon Enough, I Became A Huge David Cone AND Jeff Kent Fan.
    I’m Now Going To Have To Find Them (the hat and the jacket, not the players), Take A Picture Of Them, And Post Them. And I’ll Do So In YOUR Honor.
    That’s My Thanks To You, Dude.
    I’m Sure You Understand. 🙂
    I Try To Read All Your Work, So Please Keep Working.
    I’ll Keep Reading, You Keep Researching AND Writing.

  3. Wow, Bill. Thanks so much. Do I have to do all that you did here with the questions? Great answers by the way.

    • You’re welcome, William. I always enjoy reading your work. I think that you are technically supposed to do as I did, but I personally won’t be offended in the slightest if you don’t. It’s strictly up to you, man. Just wanted to make sure you got your due.
      Take care,

  4. Kevin Graham on said:

    Bill, Thank you for the mention. Like V, the lovely part is a little scarey, but when does the touching part begin, and what should I wear?


  5. Well, I’ve always known I was amazing, but the lovely part scares the hell out of me. 🙂
    Thanks, I think.

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