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The Hall of Clearly Above Replacement But Not Quite Average – Article Link

I want to share with you a blog-post to which I contributed five short player bios.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, all five of the players I wrote about are former Mets.

The article appears on the website, High Heat Stats.  My friends Adam Darowski, Dan McCloskey and Graham Womack, among others, collaborated on this fun and unique project, which briefly covers the careers of 43 players.  I have provided the link to it so you can enjoy it, too.

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10 thoughts on “The Hall of Clearly Above Replacement But Not Quite Average – Article Link

  1. Bill, I actually attended the Felix Millan game at Three Rivers. True story–it was one of those games which featured just about everything, and at one point I said to my brother, “You know, this game’s had everything but a fight.” Right about then, Felix decided that the Otter needed to eat some baseball. Bad, bad move on Felix’ part.

    • Man, I can’t believe you were actually at that game. What are the odds?

      • …and the worst part is, the game went extra innings, and we had to leave because my brother’s friend was working a night-shift summer job. We headed to the car after the 11th, and just as we were leaving the parking lot, Duffy Dyer singled in the winning run in the bottom of the 12th. Still bugs me.

        Oh, by the way, Ed Ott was not only a big dude, but a Pennsylvania state high-school wrestling champion. He was probably the last guy on the roster you wanted to piss off.

      • Geez, Duffy Dyer, of all people. Another former Met, of course.

  2. Thanks for taking part, Bill! It was a really fun project. I loved your contributions.

  3. Congrats on your part in the article. There were a couple guys in there (one of whom I’ll mention in a minute) that I thought were better than slightly above average, but that really shows the difference sometimes between perception and reality. That, of course, is a notion that can be extrapolated FAR outside baseball.

    And I see you didn’t do ALL the former Mets. Someone else did Vince “Firecracker” Coleman and Bill Buckner.

    “But no–Bill Buckner was never a Met!” — Well, he was when it counted.

    • I didn’t get to do Lee Mazzilli, either. As far as the players on the list, whether or not they were above average, replacement level, or whatever, just depends, of course, on which stats you decide to use.
      I didn’t like Vince Coleman when he was a Cardinal, but I freakin’ hated him when he was on the Mets.
      As always, thanks for reading.

      • Dan McCloskey on said:

        In hindsight, I should have let Bill do Lee Mazzilli. I’m sure he would have done a much better job than I did. I say this of course after reading his excellent description of Dave Kingman. 🙂

      • Hey man, we had to draw the line on the number of mediocre Mets I was allowed to write about somewhere, now didn’t we?
        Dan, your contributions were all, without exception, excellent.
        Thanks for the invite,

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