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15 Reasons Why (Against All Logic) I’ll Root for the Mets in 2012

Why do we do this to ourselves?

I suppose those of us who are Mets fans often stop to wonder why we continue to support this tragicomedy of a franchise.  I’m guessing that there’s a Charlie Brown masochism to the personality type that chooses to root for the Mets.  Jose Reyes is hurt again?  Rats.  Linus,why do I feel so miserable?  It’s simple Charlie Brown.  You were condemned at birth by the Gods of Baseball.

So here are ten random, pointless reasons why I continue to justify my loyalty to this franchise:

1)  I’m just about as old as the Mets, and, like the Mets, have had a few successes, lots of mediocre years, and a few bad ones.  In fact, with a few exceptions, my best years have generally mirrored the Mets successful years as well.

2)  Piggy-backing on Reason #1, I’ve been a Mets fan now for 37 of their 50 years of existence.  What would be the point of stopping now?  It has always mystified me why couples who have been married for, say, 31 years suddenly decide to get divorced.  What the hell’s the point of that?  You can’t have those lost years back.  Did you think things would be different if only you waited 31 years?

3)  Tom Seaver was a New York Met.  That’s good enough for me.

4)  Mike Piazza’s dramatic home run, just ten days after 9/11, giving the city of New York a huge emotional lift.

5)  Game 6 of the 1986 World Series, one of the greatest moments of my life.

6)  The back of George Theodore’s 1974 Topps baseball card #8 reads, “George loves strawberry milkshakes.”  ‘Nuff said.

7)  Rusty Staub was not only a very good ballplayer, he was an actual chef.  I visited Rusty’s Restaurant in 1976, but Rusty had already been traded to Detroit for Mickey (Fucking) Lolich.  Still, as I sat at a table eating something or other with my parents and my little brother, I scanned the restaurant in vain for any sign of Rusty.

8)  Lindsey Nelson’s sports jackets.  If you know what I mean, you are probably also a Mets fan.

9)  Dave Kingman’s epic home runs, and his even more epic strikeouts.

10)  Ike Davis, Lucas Duda, and David Wright will provide more offense this year than most people will expect.

11)  They’re not the Pirates.  Or the Cubs.  Or the goddamned Yankees.

12)  October 8, 1973, Game 3 of the N.L.C.S.  Bud Harrelson punches Pete Rose at second base after a typically hard, bush-league slide.  This launches a bench-clearing brawl that goes on for several minutes.  The Mets eliminate the Reds in five games.  Take that, ya bastards!

13)  Dwight Gooden’s superhuman 1985 season, the best year I ever witnessed by a pitcher:  24-4, 276 innings, 16 complete games, 8 shutouts, 1.53 ERA, 268 K’s, 0.965 WHIP, 229 ERA+, 11.7 WAR.

14)  My step-grandfather, Joe Iritsky, a Navy veteran of WWII, and a war hero, took me to my first game at Shea Stadium in August, 1974.

15)  Jon Matlack was a better pitcher than Jack Morris.  (Yes, he was.)


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12 thoughts on “15 Reasons Why (Against All Logic) I’ll Root for the Mets in 2012

  1. Great reasons all, Bill. I’ve somehow transitioned to all thirty teams, and I can’t tell you how that happened, but it has. However, I’ll always have a soft spot in my heart for the Metropolitans.

  2. Here here! I’m with you, Bill.

    Even though I did not grow up with the Mets, I spent 26 years rooting for them and I suppose that is half of their existence. It’s hard to believe that when I arrived in New York, in 1984, the Mets were only 23 years old, one year younger than myself at that time. I was all set to root for lovable losers, but to everyone’s surprise they all of a sudden got good. There was no reason to worry, however — there was plenty of lovable losing that would be done in the not so distant future.

    • Hi Keith, Yes, I remember the good old days of the mid ’80’s as well. They sure didn’t last long, though. Who knows, maybe we’ll be rewarded sooner than we think with another competitive franchise!

  3. Bill.. You are hilarious .. You have put into words exactly how I feel as a Met fan.. I still get Goosebumps watching Mike Piazza’s home run after 9/11…

  4. We Dodgers fans empathize with you.

  5. Mike Cornelius on said:

    Great post as always; and welcome back after your short absence. While your Mets are likely to face a long season of ultimate disappointment, as I always say, there is a reason why they actually play the games. And it looks like Santana may finally be working his way back.

  6. Kevin Graham on said:

    Reason #11 is particularly troubling. If you let the anger consume you, then you become the anger. Embrace the goodness and purity of the Yankees.
    You’ll feel better, and the women will find you more attractive….it’s true.

    Kevin G

    • LOL! Kevin, I just knew you’d be submitting a sort of rebuttal to #11. I thought of you as soon as I finished typing it. But my minor league love-life might have been more active if I’d grown up a Yankee fan. Do you have some stories you’d like to share?

  7. Spoken Like A TRUE FAN, Sir!
    Through Thick And Thin…
    …My Teams Have ALWAYS Remained The Same.
    …And In That Order.
    I Stick To My Guns, Sir, Just As You Do!

    • Wow, I certainly envy people who can have that many favorite teams. Seems like too much work for me!
      And thanks for reading, my friend,

      • Well…
        The Cardinals and The Royals are My FAVORITE Teams.
        The Tigers, The Phillies, The Mets, and The White Sox are The Other Teams I Follow.
        Remember, 1985 Was My First TRUE YEAR As A Baseball Fan. In ’85, My Cards AND My Royals WERE IT!!! hehehe
        And You’re Welcome, Sir.
        I Do So Enjoy Readin’ What You’re Writin’!

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