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Keeping the Wolves at Bay – Redux

Back on New Year’s Eve, waiting for that damn ball to drop in Times Square so that I could go to bed, I decided to write one last blog-post for 2009.

The post was in regards to the Mets (then) recent signing of free agent Jason Bay.  I thought it was a horrible move at the time, and now that the Mets have shut down Bay due to injury after what has been a miserable season for him, I decided to go back and look at what I wrote about this signing on December 31st.

Jason Bay’s final stats for 2010:  6 home runs, 47 RBI, .259 Batting Average, .402 Slugging Percentage, .749 OPS.  But somehow, he was successful in all ten of his stolen base attempts.  Go figure.

If anything, then, I was too overly optimistic about the level of success Bay would achieve in his first year in New York.

I am not linking you back to this article merely to gloat, although it is always nice to be right, but to reflect upon the circumstances and irrational thought processes that cause organizations and individuals to make transparently bad decisions.

So, I submit for your approval, the link to “Keeping the Wolves at Bay.”

I also wanted to let you, my faithful readers, know that I am now writing for Books on Baseball as well: If you haven’t yet checked out this website, give it a look.

Thanks for stopping by, Bill

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