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My Picks for the All-Star Game – 2010

Being a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance (BBA), we have been asked by this organization to post a list of our picks for this year’s All-Star game.  Those members who post primarily about one team will submit picks for the league in which their favored team plays.  So a Mets blogger will, for example, post their N.L. All Star picks.

Unencumbered by such limitations, I chose to list my picks for each league, with accompanying commentary.

So here they are.  I’ll be curious to hear what you think.  Feel free to let me know if you agree or disagree with my picks, and why.

National League:

1B  Albert Pujols –  This has not been his finest season to date, but he is still the best player in baseball until someone else proves otherwise.

2B  Chase Utley – Brandon Phillips has better numbers so far, but Utley will pull away in the second half.

SS  Hanley Ramirez – I had been planning on picking Troy Tulowitzki, but he just went on the D.L. for the next six weeks.

3B  Scott Rolen – This was a tough call because Ryan Zimmerman is having a nice season, and David Wright, despite his huge strikeout numbers, has been productive.  But Rolen is crushing the ball in a way we haven’t seen from him in years.

C  Yadier Molina – N.L. players at this position are not having an outstanding year in ’10, but this Molina brother is the best choice.

OF Ryan Braun – Got off to a great start in April; has been merely good since then.

OF  Andrew McCutchen – Yes, this Pirate really does deserve to go to the All-Star game.

OF Andre Ethier – Just keeps getting better and better each season.

Starting Pitcher:  Ubaldo Jimenez – Simply off to one of the best starts to a season we have ever seen.

American League:

1B  Justin Morneau – In my Pre-Season Picks blog post, I stated that if any currently active player was to win the Triple Crown, it would be Miguel Cabrera.  Ironically, even though Cabrera is having a fine season, Justin Morneau is posting Triple Crown worthy stats.

2B  Robinson Cano – Having one of the best seasons by any second baseman in history.

SS  Derek Jeter – No A.L. shortstop is having a great season, but Jeter has earned this honor, regardless.

3B  Evan Longoria – With a strong second half, has a chance to win A.L. MVP Award.

C  Joe Mauer –  You were expecting, perhaps, Kelly Shoppach?

OF  Josh Hamilton – I was wrong.  I thought he would be a bust.   And I’m glad I was wrong.

OF  Vernon Wells – Very nice, and certainly unexpected, comeback year.

OF  Alex Rios – Finally putting forth the monster season long predicted.

DH  Vlad Guerrerro – Perhaps the most unappreciated super-star in the history of baseball.

SP  Jon Lester – David Price got off to the better start, but Lester could win the Cy Young this year.

If you feel I left out any obvious candidates, please let me know.

Next post:  Wednesday, June 23rd:  Best Forgotten Baseball Seasons: Part 6 – The Brooklyn / L.A. Dodgers.


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11 thoughts on “My Picks for the All-Star Game – 2010

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  8. Watson on said:

    Carl Crawford fans will not be happy.

  9. Great post! I like that you brought it down to the raw talent and recognized who should actually be there, not just who will be based on the arbitrary voting of uneducated fans.

    I found the John Lester selection very interesting. While he is certainly a worthy and deserving candidate, I doubt he will be selected. Clay Buchholz, on the same team, has more wins (10) and a lower ERA than Lester. Now, Lester had a bad few starts to get the season going, and if you removed April, Lester may have the better stats. It’s not even just Buchholz that Lester has to compete with either. David Price and Phil Hughes also have 10 wins. Price has a lower ERA than Lester and Hughes trails by .09 runs per 9.

    Lester dominates the strikeout category which helps his cause, and goes for win number 9 on Tuesday. Things can change, there is still a few starts left, but my guess is Price wins out if he can get another win or two.

    I would love to see Lester though, as I do think he is the better pitcher. (And because I’m a full blown, hometown loving, absolutely crazy Red Sox fan.)

    Great post,

    • Hi Kevin, Thanks for reading. You are right that Lester is far from the obvious pick, but he’s pitched extremely well for about two months now. As an N.L. fan, I just hope that the result this year differs from that of the past couple of decades. Thanks for the comment, Bill

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