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Best Scenes From Baseball Movies: Part 3 – The Best One Ever

Well, here it is, folks.  Part 3 of my very short series called,  “Best Scenes From Baseball Movies.” I hope you enjoyed Part 1, “There’s No Crying In Baseball,” from the film “A League of Their Own,” and Part 2, “I Believe,” from “Bull Durham.”

Part 3 will probably not come as a surprise.  In my opinion, this is not only the best scene ever in a baseball movie, it is one of the ten best scenes from any movie ever made.

Next Tuesday, I will resume my new series, “Best Forgotten Baseball Seasons:  A Team By Team Analysis.”  Also, come back here on Monday, Memorial Day, for a special bonus baseball movie scene, and a baseball poem honoring our military personnel serving overseas.  (And no, I didn’t write it.)

So, without further ado, here is the Best Scene Ever From a Baseball Movie:

Have a nice and safe Memorial Day weekend.

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9 thoughts on “Best Scenes From Baseball Movies: Part 3 – The Best One Ever

  1. OK, the scene from The Natural is probably a better scene overall, but I have to admit to a certain fondness for the “Peace, Love, Dope” scene between Kevin Costner and James Earl Jones in “Field of Dreams.”

  2. Bill,
    Outstanding choice – seeing this clip made my day.

  3. Bill,

    I’m sure you read the book. Would that have made a better ending for the movie?
    No fireworks, Glenn Close leaving the stadium in a huff, and little Bobby crying in the dugout. Now that’s Hollywood!!!

    • Hey Kevin, To be honest, no, I didn’t read the book. But I have to tell you, I don’t think I would like the ending that you described. Hooray for Hollywood! Thanks for checking in, Bill

  4. Good call on this scene. It’s not my favorite movie, but this particular scene always gives me goosebumps.

    I really enjoyed this series. Thanks for sharing these clips!

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